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Summer Snow Cones – There’s still time left!

Who Likes Kids Kitchen’s Cooking Camps?  These kids do!!  Voted by Austin Family’s readers as the Favorite Place to Learn Cooking, Kids Kitchen was excited to have these kids all week making their own healthy foods!


In the above picture, these mini-chefs made their own personal size pizzas from start to finish.


In the below picture, Alyssa is squeezing 100% orange juice concentrate into her ‘snow cone’ cup. 


Kids get to create their own snow-cup by seeing their snow-ice turn a color.  Using no artificial food dyes or added sugar, you can create a healthy, refreshing treat for these last days of summer!  Give it a try.  Create your own flavor variety.

Real Fruit Juice Snow Cups
Use 100% juice for dye-free snow cones!
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  1. 100% Juice Concentrate
  2. Squeezable Bottle
  3. Shaved ice
  4. Cups or Cones
  1. Put frozen (thawed) juice concentrate into squeezable and refillable bottle.
  2. (Any flavor or color: orange, grape, fruit punch, apple, pineapple, etc.)
  3. "Shave" ice. I use my Ninja Blender to create a powder like snow-ice.
  4. Spoon ice into cups or cones.
  5. Squeeze juice on top.
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