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12 Months Chefs Club Membership

$29.99 $19.99 / month for 12 months

Automatically renews every month, for 12 months.


Month 1 – Apprentice Cook  –  Chefs Club Professional Quality apron and Apprentice Cook Button

Month 2 – Cook  – Metal Whisk and Chefs Club Exclusive Spreader, Cook Button

Month 3 – Pantry Chef – Bamboo Wooden Mixing Spoon and Measuring Spoons, Pantry Chef Button

Month 4 – Vegetable Chef – Plastic Chefs Knife and Vegetable Peeler, Vegetable Chef Button

Month 5 – Grill Chef – Meat Thermometer and Chefs Club Exclusive Basting Brush, Grill Chef Button

Month 6 – Culinary Artist – Ceramic Dinner Plate with Ceramic Marker and 1 oz. Gelatin, Culinary Artist Button

Month 7 – Pastry Chef – Chefs Club Exclusive Pizza Cutter, Grater/Zester, Mini Pie Tins and Muffin Cup Liners, Pastry Chef Button

Month 8 – Apprentice Chef – Chefs Club Coat, Professional Quality, Apprentice Chef Button

Month 9 – Sous Chef – Bamboo Chefs Club Cutting Board, Sous Chef Button

Month 10 – Executive Chef – Chefs Hat, Notebook, and Restaurant Tickets, Executive Chef Button

Month 11 – Master Chef – Master Chef Medallion and Stainless Steel Chefs Knife, Master Chef Button

Month 12 – Top Chef – Top Chef Trophy and Mystery Ingredient for your challenge, Top Chef Button

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Access to Rouxbe culinary instructional videos (for up to 3 months from your most recent subscription)
  • Assignments: 3 monthly activities including recipes, quizzes, and challenges
  • Culinary Utensils and Chef Wear (described above)
  • Monthly E-Magazine
  • Monthly Recipe Challenge to qualify for the chance to win the Chefs Club Recipe Challenge Trophy


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