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Kids ‘in the’ Kitchen Thursday – Veggie Power House

You know what vegetables some of the kids tried this week?  …and liked them?
Cucumbers, Red Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Edamame!

Winter Veggie Power House

Carrot sticks and/or
Carrot Shavings
Cucumber slices
Bell Pepper
Edamame, Soy bean or other
Low-fat Cottage Cheese

Wash all veggies.
Cut ‘sticks’ with carrots and cucumbers.
Assemble a ‘flat’ house on a plate.
Carrots as roof and cucumbers as walls, or vice versa.
Add the broccoli for a chimney, cut-out pepper door, and edamame as a door
Sprinkle cottage cheese on ‘the ground’ to resemble snow for your winter
Now, eat it!

About the ‘Power House’:

·       We all need
more vegetables in our diet. 
o   Aiming for ½
of our plate to be filled with fruits and vegetables each time we eat.
·       Eating a
variety of vegetables helps us reach different vitamins and minerals that we
·       Ways to get
more veggies into our diet (also see additional handout)
o   Raw veggies
with a yogurt dill dip (see my blog for recipe) or cottage cheese
o   Vegetable
o   Adding
veggies to pasta, tacos, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, pizza
o   Letting
children choose, giving them the power.
§  ‘Do you want
broccoli or carrots tonight?’
§  ‘Do you want
broccoli with melted cheese or plain’?
§  ‘What color
of vegetable should we have tonight’? (and then involve them with buying it,
selecting it, etc.)

Kids Kitchen Konnection:

When we involve our kids on a regular basis with
vegetable/food selection, the chances of them trying the foods increases.  When we let them build something with their
food or wash, chop, cut the foods, the chances of them trying the foods

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