Chefs Club Login

What’s Included

  • Rouxbe: With the Chefs Club membership, members receive access to the online cooking school at Rouxbe. Rouxbe‘s cooking videos are used in Chef Training Schools all over the world.
  • What’s in your Monthly Box? Each box contains the overview for the month’s activities.  It also includes the specified (1-2) Kitchen Tools you will need to complete your related cooking activities.  Each box contains your new “Button Badge” with your new Chef title in the kitchen.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter: Each month, while a current club member, members will receive an E-Newsletter monthly that contains Chefs Club Member of the Month, Fun Food Facts, Recipe Challenge, Fun activity, and Local Healthy Food Business Advocate Feature.
  • Recipe Challenge: In addition to the recipes and food skills members will complete in each level, members have the opportunity to submit an entry into the Recipe Challenge, with the chance to WIN a trophy.
  • How Members Learn: Club Members have exclusive access to online cooking videos through You will watch the required how-to videos online (on a cell phone, tablet, or computer), complete quizzes, practice with friends and family, and more practice at home or in a cooking class.
  • How to Graduate from Each Level: After members learn the skills necessary to graduate, members will demonstrate their new skills by submitting video or photos (by following instructions for each level) and uploading them to Instagram, Facebook, or simply emailing them.


Parents and daughter preparing meal in home kitchen